Hip Hop or another Type of Music?



Music is a type of art, and those who understand it, but especially those who practice it or make use of it, do not cease to reap the benefits. It deals with studying sounds that have musicality. Unlike noise, which is not at all pleasant and even unbearable sometimes for hearing, sounds that have a musicality are pleasant and can be listened for hours by the individuals who perceive it but also by the rest that have no connection with the field music. Many may wonder which the most beautiful genre is?! Of course the answer to this question cannot be the same for all of them. People’s tastes and preferences differ not only at this chapter but in general in all the life aspects. While some would say that the most beautiful music is Underground Hip Hop, others would opt more for Handel or Rachmaninov that is classical music. Of course, the ear and the physical ability to perceive of each one is the same, but from a spiritual point of view, it can be well seen that individuals have different tastes.

There could be multiple classifications of which would be the best and most beautiful music, and so on, but objectively, there can be no genres that are clearly called the best. Man has great freedom to choose. In this right also comes this aspect. So, what a particular individual prefers, for him, that kind of music is the best. Generally, from the point of view of the means of interpretation, of ingenuity of composition, classical music is one that unites the best and most wonderful qualities. It can be said that it does not fit into certain styles or anything of its kind, but by its very nature it reaches the stage of art. Because earlier was mentioned about Hip Hop, well, this genre is currently one of the most listened and preferred, especially by young individuals. Its appearance dates back to the ’70s. Being at the same time a cultural movement, especially for the urban area, it has spread rapidly throughout the world.

The conclusion can only be said that music makes man to forget about problems, feel more peaceful or, on the contrary, more energetic. It can be his source of oxygen, or a real stimulus for bad actions. Hip Hop Music is a music perceived differently by individuals, but of course it also differs, with some songs having a valuable message, but some less.

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