Listen to the exclusive Smart Phone tune

We are using the smart phones everyday and literally most of the people have a good Smart Phone in their pocket. They are the center of our world and that’s great because with just one tap on the screen we can connect to a loved one or a friend and send them our emotions and adoration. Ranjodh Hayer and Kamaljit K Grewal are singling a brand new song about how much they think the phone has helped them get closer to the adored person. Putting feelings into music is very hard and the boys have worked a lot on it.


Getting to the Youtube channel known as Komal Productions will reveal the brand new song that has already had more than ten thousand views. That’s a huge number for an independent company like this that has been brave enough to compose a new song about the Smart Phone. One would think that this topic has been discussed a lot over and over again in the past and that there is no way as to come with something new and exciting that would cover the topic but at the end of the day it has been made possible by these brave and courageous musicians.

It’s surprising how many people have already given the Smart Phone a thumbs up and have commented on the song. There is a lot of love and adoration in the air. If the guys will continue with the same momentum then they are sure to be super famous by the end of the year. Youtube is a great platform as to launch independent songs and music videos and to gain traction with the rest of the world. The visuals for the Smart Phone are also pleasant and attracting new people with every search on the web site.

Just a bit over four minutes of a good time is guaranteed when you launch the song. It has this original Bollywood vibe about it that so many of us love and keep close to the heart. Smart Phone can already be purchased and downloaded by the people that have fallen in love with it. The music has been composed by Manohar S and the lyrics have been written by G Billa Ghudani. One can easily follow the artists both on Facebook and also on Twitter by accessing the links that have been added to the description.