WW2 should be remembered and never repeated

 Many know that America these days is a mess. It’s a divided country that keeps squabbling between each other. The supporters of both the Democrats and the Republicans seem to be blind to the real thing that has been happening in their backyard and how they are increasingly being brainwashed by the media into acting foolishly. This kind of social manipulation is possible only through advanced engineering and using their important web tools. Internet has allowed the evil corporations as to influence the people and start fights among themselves. The greatest lie has been propagating and it’s now at the helm of the country.


Aggressive people is not what global diplomacy needs and is usually the destructive force that has started such great conflicts as the world war 2. People that have nothing to lose will always act radical in hopes that the situation will change in their favor. This type of government does not suit the high caliber world that has been built upon peace and understanding. Surely, there have been wars but none of them have been happening on the American soil. Even ww2 was not brought back home but was won in Europe and also in the Pacific.

 More and more people work on the greatest lie and some of them even believe it. Brainwashing their friends and family into believing that and their quality of life decreases by a lot. Surely, there were times when people believed that they at the bottom of the abyss but things always found their way and even during the world war 2 they got out of that pit and have worked hard as to build a better community and to police their friends and family so that they don’t escalate the things into something monstrous or diabolic as it is happening right now.


WW2 was a horrible conflict and we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be tempted to start another war. The Youtube channel America Now has important information for everyone. They say that there are forces at play that want to launch a civil war in the United States of America. The greatest lie is moving people and makes them go crazy. Talking to this people and opening their eyes in the favor of the greater good is always a better change. These changes don’t come easily and one has to work on them.