Listen to the fresh tunes made by j balvin

Trap music has been at the top of the charts for a long time. It is mainly due to the popularity of dubstep at the time and the world had to move in another direction. When the direction has been found then a new genre of electronic music emerged and took the globe by surprise. Those people that love the bad bunny music videos will find something new for themselves — something that would get them hooked on it for a long time and that could make the real difference in the long run.

It is also a great watch for the audiences that have been oriented towards the cubaton style. This is definitely something new that has been long awaited and will smash the music scene in a thousand pieces. Por tu life is one of the songs that was released first and it has been considered a hit since the first day of the release. This is perhaps it introduces something new to the music scene that people have started getting bored of. It is the perfect trapton that can be now listened on the radio in the car when going on a highway.

More and more people are getting into this music genre and it’s a great revolution for the electronic music association. Most of the people that have been working on this genre for years have gone without the recognition and now that the trap music is high in the charts they are suddenly both being listened to and also earning much more money than previously. This is how the stars are recognized after a long period of trying hard and failing to get onto the big music scene. Dominating the market is tough and keeping the listeners engaged is also a huge challenge both for the music labels and the artists as well.

The latin trap has an unique flavor that no other musician from the world currently has. Their vibes are hot and there are millions of views on youtube to their songs. It is the type of the reggaeton genre that everyone in South America is so fond of. This is precisely why the cuban trap has such a special flavor and why it sells so hot in the Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. It is the music of the future and can be really a huge business.