Procedures that work and keep you beautiful and young


We say true beauty never goes away but that’s only the partial truth. The full truth sounds like: True beauty never goes away if you take care of it properly.  It is a sad thing that so many beautiful women fall prey to the dangers of time and lose some of their most distinctive feature like, a narrow waist, well defined legs or a clear pale face. Despite ageing being a fully natural process, there are some things any woman can do in order to preserve her beauty for a much longer period of time. There are special procedures that are done in several beauty clinics and that have a quite remarkable results.

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One such clinic is the Chelsea Aesthetic Clinic, a well-established name in the beauty industry of Singapore. It is known for several procedures that are really popular among Singapore women.
Moreover the clinic is led by a well-known specialist among in the business – Dr Ewen Chee Yew Wen. A young but experienced professional whose ideas revolutionized the way lots of women preserve their beauty.

Among the most famous procedure done at the clinics, potential clients can find one of the most sought after thigh sliming procedure in Singapore. The Sygmalift is a non-invasive body treatment that deeply penetrates the surface of the skin offering a sculpting-like experience to women. It is known to affect even the stubbornest fat pockets like the upper arm bulge or the double chin. Regardless of the results among the benefits of such procedures, the clinic lists improvements of skin tone and reduction of cellulite. Not only it is safe but it ensures that clients will waive good bye
to their cellulite, their stretch marks and will boast a softer and tighter skin then before.

Another procedure that is highly regarded is the Acne Laser Treatment Singapore, which is officially the best and safest way to say good bye to your acne. Not only does it have a huge following among the females in this country, but it also accounts for various pain thresholds which means that you are highly unlikely to have a painful experience. In case you have any other ideas we recommend consulting Dr Wong for feasibility purposes.

The last but not the least effective procedure offered by the clinic is the Picosure Laser, a signature face lift performed only by Chelsea Clinic. It is similar to the N-Cog thread from Korea and it is adapted to Singaporean facial features and standards. It is non-invasive, 100% natural and provides you with a powerful lifting effect, which will get you close to your perfect image of yourself. Having said all this, we sincerely hope to have helped you in finding the perfect clinic to provide you services in your quest for absolute beauty. We stand behind our opinion on Chelsea Clinic and Dr Ewen’s mastery as those factors will maximize your success no matter the goals, be it thigh slimming or face lifting or many other services provided by the beauty clinics worldwide.

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