Do not hesitate to listen Enzo La Melodia Secreta


Urban style is the one that expresses the originality of young people, whether through music or clothing. It gives them the freedom to express themselves in their own way. Usually the followers of this style are eccentric and daring people, who want to differ more from their peers through everything they do. It can be mentioned that this style is much more familiar with the streets of a big city. Many think that this style of clothing is very similar to the R&B, yet the most important piece are jeans, which are matched with the most colorful sweaters or T-shirts.

When it comes to urban music, it came out in the late 1970s, with the hip-hop style, which confirms that they have a close connection. Over a period of time, it has been used to check the functionality of new hip-hop elements. At the beginning, it was very simple, but with time it evolved a lot, becoming more complex.

One of the urban styles of music is reggaeton. In the early 90’s, it became very famous among young Latin Americans. Later, however, it spread throughout the world. Although most associate it with Puerto Rico or Panama, this music combines several elements. Thanks to guitars and other electric instruments, the tempo is a very moving one. The theme of the lyrics is also very varied, starting with the life of the artist and ending with the most current problems. Taking a similar look with that of hip-hop, as far as the lyrics of this music, reggaeton has been subject to controversy because it is believed that it promotes the exploitation of women. Although supporters have said the accusation has no cause, some as Cuba countries have forbidden reggaeton to be broadcast, motivating it by perverting the island’s musical heritage, not to mention the image of the woman who is also affected.

Despite being so criticized, hundreds of artists around the world are still working only in this style of music. Recently there have been rumors that some songs resemble each other, and even so, these songs remain as popular as they are broadcast and listened to by people around the world. Their popularity seems not to be affected by anything. Regardless of the accusations, the lyrics of this genre are sincere, colorful, the rhythm takes everyone to dance, and it also provokes euphoria, which is so demanded by the audience today. If you consider yourself a true fan, than surely “enzo la melodia secreta” is not something unknown to you.