Wines and Spirits and Some Consultancy from The Beverage Clique


The Beverage Clique – the new history in the wine and spirits industry. A company is that one who can decide which one is good and which one is still not professional. A noble aim inspires The Beverage Clique to rest in the top of the companies who really cares about quality and rules. In order to be a Whisky Ambassador and amazing beacon for Asia’s drinks industry by proving awareness in education and PR, it is necessary to reach a professional community for enthusiasts and trade personnel. Some words about the company itself: The Beverage Clique is a consultancy & training services company, established in 2016, providing services in the field of wines and spirits. Formed by a team of passionate and really professional individuals, The Beverage Clique has since enabled many specialists and enthusiasts to obtain internationally renowned certifications in Wine, Whisky and Japanese Sake. For those who are interested in these offerings, you are totally welcome to take into consideration this particular company.

The Beverage Clique

The so dedicated team has the purpose to deliver quality training for their clients in an effort to boost ROI, productivity as well as efficiency. They cater an array of training programs and renowned official certifications that match industry and high service standards. In the range of their services are included a huge list, from which: Wine & Spirits Certification and official Wine Course, Private Operator People’s Association, Masterclasses, services in Wine & Spirits Tourism, as well as Approved Program Provider for The Whisky Ambassador, also for The Introductory Sake Professional, Sake Workshop and many other certificated programs. Each and every of the consultants at The Beverage Clique is a motivated pro who have passion towards wine and spirits. Together with years of experience in the operational field, the courses provided have been always beneficial to the participants. A really great learning experience is what tends to be expected from The Beverage Clique.

To sum it up, there is a really great idea to introduce The Beverage Clique as a standard of quality in Singapore. The high level quality courses and masterclasses provided by the company are made on a very professional note, which can mean that it is everything correct in this process. If there is somebody interested in these services, they are more than welcome to the most professional and correct consultancy services in Singapore. Do not hesitate to be a part of the big community.

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