Recover overwritten files windows 7 with several clicks

 There have been many cases when we have accidentally deleted some files from the HDD only to need them almost immediately. That’s a big shame that there is no built in option to recover such files in operating system. Those people that have stumbled upon this problem know fully well that there are software packages that could be of help – assuming that the files have not been overwritten in due time. The safest way as to make sure that the file can be recovered is by disconnecting the active HDD and reconnecting it to another computer that has such software already installed.


The overwritten file recovery is a complicated process yet many of the companies in the IT world have managed to build such programs that would easily recover the files from the sectors that have not been yet overwritten. What this means is that a simple file, like a text file is so much easier to partially recover without the loss of information than for example a well compressed video file or an executable program that needs all of the parameters as to function properly. Therefore as to recover replaced files it is advisable not to overwrite these sectors that have been previously occupied by the file that you want to get back.

 For example, when you already have a program such as the Aid File on your hard drive and you accidentally delete the file right now then stop everything that you are doing and launch the software package: that would be the safest method as to make sure the file is recovered. It is possible to recover overwritten files windows 7 but that is a technology that is a complete know how of the Aid File developer company. Getting this package is a must for all those that have been dealt a bad hand.

 As to recover overwritten files one has to do almost the same as in the previous case but with a small difference: launching the overwritten file formula has to be selected prior to launching the algorithm. It changes everything again and the competitors are very crossed with this new way of making it happen in an efficient manner. The question of how to recover overwritten files from hard disk can now be easily answered: just download the AID file software package and launch it on your computer.