Buitrago Cigars – the only cigar shop you will ever need!

Smoking is bad, smoking will kill you, but it feels damn good to have a cigarette in your hand and slowly puff it, enjoying authentic aroma and genuine tobacco taste.

Cheyenne Filtered Cigars

No nicotine patch and no electronic cigarette can provide the same level of exhilarating pleasure and if you invest in quality tobacco products, you will discover that smoking is not that bad as they try to advertise it. Speaking about quality tobacco products, and their immense versatility, it is hard not to mention one of the greatest cigar shops in Florida: Buitrago Cigars.  Though rather modest at the first glance, Buitrago Cigars offers elite products, including filtered cigars, little cigars, handmade cigars, machine made cigars, filter tubes as well as a large assortment of cigar accessories.

In a world dominated by online shopping, where you can buy cheap little cigars or order cigarillos from China on a dime, why should you shop at this cigar shop and most importantly what Buitrago Cigars has to offer that other shops don’t? To start with, Buitrago Cigars is your Florida Tobacco Shop meaning that every single cigarette and cigar sold here abides by the quality standards and safety regulations, so you can rest assured that you will get exactly what you are paying for.  As mentioned before, Buitrago Cigars has an amazing selection of tobacco products, from most popular filtered cigars, to exclusive and rare blends of handmade cigars. In their selection you will find such brands as Cheyenne, Viking, 305’s filtered cigars, Bella, Blackstone, Cherokee, Cornerstone, CrissCross, Dean’s, Derringer, Djarum,  Double Diamond, Golden Harvest, GTO, OHM, Nectar, good old Phillies, Racer, RAP, Red Buck, Remington, Richwood, Santa Fe, Seneca, Signal, Skydancer, Smokers Choice, Sparrow, Stallion, Supreme Blend, Talon, Trend, Vaquero, Westfort, Wrangler, Warrior, Bahama Mama  and much more.

If you want to buy little cigars, you will be equally impressed with the array of products Buitrago Cigar shop is offering: Bodyshoot, Captain Black, Gold Rush, Swisher Sweets, Hav-A-Tampa, Lex12, Muriel, Prime Time, Winchester. Needless to mention that every blend featured here is available in different flavors and different nicotine strength, so you could easily find your beloved cigars, as well as try something new.  Whether you are an avid smoker who will not settle for anything less than exquisite aroma and authentic taste, or you are looking for a present for your smoker friend, Buitrago Cigars is the perfect place to shop. As an added bonus, you will discover that ordering online your favorite cigars from Buitrago Cigars is actually cheaper than buying them from the store, so not only will you enjoy top-notch tobacco items, but you will also save money in the process. Buitrago Cigars is your Florida Tobacco Shop.