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Internet is a powerful and fascinating innovation that has changed the lives of many. Thanks to it, we can maintain relationships with relatives, friends, and family despite their location, read news as they happen, promote business and shop without ever stepping foot outside of your home or office. The latter is particularly important as it offers unparalleled convenience and freedom to choose what you like and pay for it without ever being bothered by a mob of other shoppers or long walks between stores. Nowadays, you can buy virtually everything on Amazon and some of the items that are not offered directly there are available on specialized websites. As the number of people doing online shopping has increased drastically over the past decade, people still do not know great many more benefits that are hidden from the plain view. This article will expose one of the recent developments that gives you an opportunity to enjoy online shopping as you did before and save money while doing it. Paribus app is a brand new program that focuses on bringing you the best deals available on the market and save money in the process.

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How does this platform work you will ask? It is rather simple. The program is the lowest price finder application that upon downloading links with your email and scans all the receipts that come into inbox after each purchase. Then, the program looks for price drops online and upon noticing them, notifies you about the opportunity. The stores offer these price guarantees anyways, but instead of you tracking them personally and inquiring about them, the program does it for you. Naturally, the experience and amount of money saved varies with each user, but the bottom line is that you will be better off financially by using Paribus. This shopping comparison app is free to download and easy to set up. The average time for sign up takes 15 seconds, which is impressive for an online program. While you do not have to pay for a program upon downloading it, the deal is that 20% of the money saved after using Paribus will go to the company and you will get the rest of the 80%. This is a great deal especially if you think about how much money have you been losing until now without using this program. Moreover, as part of the current promo policy, with each person that you convince to join the program you will get 5% off the deal. So, you can basically take all the money for yourself if you convince 5 friends to join. Check out this amazing app and save money to shop online even more.