The music video every music enthusiast should see


Have you ever tried to stop close your eyes, and set aside all the hectic motion of your daily schedule? When was the last time you enjoyed every moment of your day, or you though to yourself that your life is just like movies? Getting caught up in the routine is quite easy, escaping it requires a little bit of magic and the fragrance of an alternative present.

The beautiful things happen when you find your way back to who you really are, when you break free from the mundane and play with your imagination, your senses, your feelings. This is exactly what good music does to us, it helps us break down the walls, feel inspired, happy, melancholic, in love, at peace, incredibly sad, or alluringly nostalgic. The bottom line is music makes us feel and there is no say to the excitement we feel when discovering a new song or even better a new band that agrees with our taste in music.  Whether you are into classic music or a fan of classic rock videos, you are bound to find that one artist that writes music for your soul.

When it comes to present day music arena, we have to admit that our choices are pretty much limitless. However, every now and then, we all crave for something new, for an off-the-beaten-path kind of sound, so to say. And this is exactly when we start searching for modern hippie music, or unusual rock music videos online. If you are on a hunt for some new tunes, and you would like to enjoy some great music with heartwarming lyrics and an eye—catching music video, then you should definitely check out the latest work by The Fuze.

The Fuze in one of those bands, that you might not heard of before, but after listening to their works you can not imagine your playlist without them. With a keen passion for what they do,  a real talent for finding peculiarly beautiful sound and creating intriguing lyrics, this is the band that can will blow your mind. Search for their latest video on YouTube “SAVE YOUR LIFE The Fuze”  and you can judge for yourself how amazing they are.  You can also find them on SoundCloud and Twitter.  For the real fans of modern hippie music, who would like to make a material version of the album, The Fuze has launched their works on vinyl. Whether you are looking for a perfect gift, or you are a music connoisseur who takes joy in discovering new artists, do not hesitate to check them out!

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