Best Live Cover on Tears Dry on Their Own Here.


The world is full of talented people. Some of them paint, others sing, and today we would like to introduce you Tessa Evans – a person with an incredible talent whom you might in fact know. She is a young singer who has recently started a career in professional music and is enjoying a constantly increasing popularity. It is no wonder why! Tessa is great, and let us tell you why particularly is she. A popular artist means more than just singing. It implies charisma, attractiveness, actor’s skills and a lot more.

Tessa has got them all! She has grown up her talent on best jazz and pop singers, such as Amy Winehouse. Amy Winehouse is a great musician, great singer and songwriter. During her short life she has gifted us hours of beautiful music filled with inner life, sufferings and joy. It is no wonder that such a talented singer as Tessa Evans has been under strong influence of Amy Winehouse’s talent and music. This is why she has chosen to give her testimonials and share with us her cover on Amy’s song “Tears Dry on Their Own”. The choice of the song already shows the level of Tessa’s proficiency and experience as this song is difficult to interpret.

For more information about greatly talented singer Tessa Evans do not hesitate to make a search in the internet. You will discover that Tessa is a new raising start in the field of jazz and pop songwriting. She has not only a beautiful voice, she has the inner baggage that allows her connecting to the audience and sharing her emotions and experience. Not to forget to mention – apart from a great voice and musical talent, Tessa Evans is a stunningly beautiful and gracious lady who catches your attention immediately she gets on the stage. Her performances are really worth seeing, you will enjoy her singing as her tone of voice is beautiful. In addition, she has been well schooled and professional when it comes to mastering the voice. A nice, warm and jazzy tone, an excellent feeling is swing that is so typical for Amy Winehouse, funk rhythms – Tessa has it all! Use the tag #BacktoBlack10 to get to the Back to Black Challenge and enjoy the best live covers on Amy Winehouse’s music. Also, check for Tessa Evans music on YouTube and Facebook. Looking forward to hearing from you!