The cartoon episodes online of this fresh project

 Cartoon Network has long been our unique source of great cartoons during the childhood. Hanna Barbara did their best to create unique toons that would stay with the kids until they are all but grown up. We still fondly remember Scooby Doo and other great cartoons from that period of time. Nowadays people are going for something more complex and that is the Japanese anime. Nevertheless, many are saying that nothing can replace the original American cartoon and that the Japanese cartoons are by far inferior both in animation and in their content.

These days one can easily watch cartoon episodes on the web through the browser. It means that they are easier to distribute, even if by being paid. Such services as iTunes have shown the world that it’s possible to digitally distribute music and movies with just one click of the mouse. So if you want to watch cartoons free online or give your kid permission for it then it’s a no brainer to set up the system in such a way that it simply works. The technologies these days even allow for so much more if to use them properly.


The idea to cartoon episodes online has given Dami hopes that he can make a great American cartoon as well. He isn’t a cartoonist by profession but has loved Cartoon Network from early childhood. With the new tech at his fingertips and with a burning desire to create the best cartoons in the world, he has created the short known as Tyshawn. It is a short about an African American kid who has to wait for an hour for his mother while she’s at the hairdresser. It’s possible to watch cartoons online free and including this episode as well.

 All of the action takes place in Brooklyn while the child is interacting with other characters while running away from bullies of his same age. It is a simple animation by all standards but it has heart in it and that means that the kids will truly appreciate both the story and also the leading character. It is part of the funny cartoons video playlist and the parents can be safe in knowing that such a cartoon will not damage the psyche of their child and will not make a bad influence on his way of thinking that has been shaped so well.