Abraham Sacrifices His Son

Many atheists and people that do not believe in God, bring different counter arguments that defies God and in this way, they try to convert or raise question on the different acts of God that were described in the Bible. Some of them, posit that if God is almighty and there is no darkness in Him, how could he accept such violent and cruel acts like the great flood, where all the life is destroyed, the plague, the action of Abraham sacrifices Isaac, his son. However, if you want to find the real reason behind the action of God, you should read the whole Bible, and if you still do not understand his action, read how others have interpreted God’s saying, because priests and Christians have thought about His action. In this article, I am going to tell in short why Abraham sacrifice son.

Bible of God

In the Bible, it is written that God said to Abraham kill me a son, but did you ask yourself, why did God ask Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, why did God tell Abraham to kill his son? When God told Abraham kill me a son, He wanted to test Abraham’s loyalty. The story goes like this. God said to Abraham kill son, and he went to a mountain top, and place him on the wood, on the altar. As Abraham pulled out the knife to kill his son, an Angel appeared in front of him and told him to stop. The Angel told him that his action has proven complete loyalty to God, because Abraham was ready to kill his son as God instructed him, even if it would be extremely hard to kill his beloved son, as the father’s love is incommensurable. Although this test does not correspond with other parts of the Bible, you should test it, and find the truth about Abraham sacrifice Isaac. We all know, that God loves us all, no matter of our mistakes and errors, of our sins, He is forgiving. He actually gave Abraham the gift of his child, so for Abraham it was more difficult to kill his one son. In the end, after testing Abraham’s loyalty, God has promised Abraham to make him the father of many nations and his children and future generations will be blessed. If you want to know more on the truth about Abraham sacrifice Isaac or how old was Isaac when Abraham went to sacrifice him, just go to the Bible of God, where there is a comprehensive explanation on different stories from Bible, you will also find Abraham sacrificing his son bible verse and many more.